Friday 17 January 2020

Not an inkling

- TD Aengus O Snodaigh and his colleagues are amongst the first to point the finger at any other TD who they see as abusing their power, therefore I find it even more incredible that he didn't have an inkling that he was doing something wrong when he was using €50,000 worth of ink cartridges, which would be enough to print 3,000,000 letters.

It provided me with even bigger cause for concern when Sinn Fein's deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald said: "I think it is fair to say that Deputy O Snodaigh at the time had no idea that that was the kind of cost involved."

Therein lies the problem with Mr O Snodaigh -- if he has no idea what kind of cost is involved in buying cartridges, he probably has even less idea of what cost is involved in implementing his economic proposals.

On his website Mr O Snodaigh is advocating "the transfer of €7bn from the National Pensions Reserve Fund for a jobs stimulus package". Did he notice that President Obama's $825bn (€625bn) job stimulus package has been a spectacular failure (instead of producing an economic recovery, the stimulus produced only massive debt and the longest stretch of high unemployment since the Great Depression, despite costing $278,000 per job)?

I'm not sure if Mr O Snodaigh and his colleagues deserve to be taken seriously anymore (even though it looks like they have been right on the Lisbon Treaty) -- first they voted for the bank guarantee in 2008 (because they had no idea what would be the kind of cost involved) and now we witness the lamentable comedy unfolding before our eyes with the "Wolf Toner" in a leading role and deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald supporting.

Mr O Snodaigh is well known for his fiery political speeches, but I think that considering that he has refused to repay the €50,000 (which was the cost of the print cartridges he claimed in 2007-2008) he would be more credible in pantomime than in politics -- slathered in greasepaint and rolling his eyes melodramatically, scaring the little kids for a moment before they realised this was all make-believe.

Grzegorz Kolodziej
Bray, Co Wicklow

- I heard that Aengus O Snodaigh has given up the ink for Lent.

Michael P Kirwan
Address with editor

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