Saturday 17 March 2018

Not all French are out burning cars

Sir -- While I partly agree with Eilis O'Hanlon on the French attitude to the retirement age, I would like to point out that not all French people are out burning cars, it is but the work of a minority. Yes, 70 per cent of the French are supporting the strikes, but while the French government has to do something to try and sort out the public finances, you have to wonder whether changing the retirement age will be enough.

People in Ireland may want to take a leaf from the French and try to bring down their own incompetent Government. Instead of complaining about it and doing nothing, you may some day want to get justice from FF and its buddies, who brought the country to the abyss. You may also want to work on the future, rather than letting your best and brightest leave the country once more.

PS I am French and have been living here for 19 years. I deeply resent the notion of my countrymen welcoming the Nazis. Let Eilis O'Hanlon visit any French village on November 11 or May 8 any year and see.

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