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Not a great choice for election day

I watched Joan Burton on 'Tonight with Vincent Browne' as she provided viewers with a reason not to vote Labour.

If Labour truly believe that somebody like Joan is frontbench material, then they have not got a hope.

Fine Gael has kept Enda Kenny safely under wraps lest he open his mouth, and I could write a book listing all of the reasons not to vote Fianna Fail. Indeed, in the last two years, many others have done just that.

Then there is the left, the far left, the way out there on the left, the provisional left and the real left.

On polling day, when you are standing with your card in hand and you are scanning down the list of candidates, try to remember that the last time you were here, you voted Fianna Fail because they told you they were the only party who could run the economy properly.