Saturday 17 March 2018

Norris is shining example to us all

Sir -- Jerome Reilly cites my book, The Irish Soul: In Dialogue, though neglects to mention my name as the author, in an article on the David Norris supposed controversy (Sunday Independent, June 5, 2011). He quotes Senator Norris's comments on Pope Benedict and I am at a loss to know why. They were in no way germane to the topic at hand.

Similarly, David Quinn (elsewhere) objects to Mr Norris's views on the present Pope. After my book had been published, Mr Quinn made a comment to me in Buswells Hotel to the effect that it was a pity that I had seen fit to print the entire interview with Dr Connell, then Archbishop of Dublin.

The implication I took from this was that it would have been better if I had expunged Dr Connell's unfortunate remarks on Archbishop Walton Empey -- and unfortunate too that I had printed the entire interview with Mr Norris. Up until then I had respected Mr Quinn as a conservative Catholic commentator; he had, to be fair to him, given my book some praise. But after that conversation I lost all respect for Mr Quinn.

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