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Nonsense in words

• I am constantly amazed at the notion that unemployed people should be retrained to fill jobs soon to be created. This assumes that those hiring will take on staff who have been 'trained' but with no prior experience in the role.

Perhaps this is okay in journalism, where a limited knowledge goes a long way, but in software or electrical work, prior experience in a role is essential. Hiring teams of people fresh from a training course with no proven aptitude would be like me applying for a job as editor of a newspaper. Indeed, I'm less likely to cause trouble as an editor because spell-check has been invented, but then my understanding of what a news editor does is as informed as Martina Devlin's understanding of other industries. Perhaps FAS will run a course on how to be a columnist?

The cavalier, 'Stalinist' approach that working people seem to have toward the unemployed, their potential career path and their belief that pushing a less-than-adequate square into a round hole would be acceptable demonstrates a surface analysis of the problems. Employers, because of the market, have the luxury of picking and choosing who they will hire and outside of journalism, nobody gets paid for nonsense.

SE Lydon
Wilton, Cork

Irish Independent