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Nonsense . . . Gutter . . . Election terror . . . Lynch

We are now listening to the same Fianna Fail nonsense and arrogance from the new leader who was part of the team that wrecked this country.

The party which created the mess should have no part in the solution.

William J Martin

  • A O Dubhghaill (Letters, January 27) talks about Brian Cowen's power of speech. I've always had one rule in dating -- never mind what he says, watch his actions. Leaving you broke and in the gutter while he swans off in a Merc to a never-ending holiday is never good.

Those delusional enough to think that Bertie, Cowen and co still care about them, should bear this in mind.

Pauline Bleach
NSW, Australia

  • I suggest that the reason Enda Kenny has not been on the airwaves for some time is that Fine Gael is aware that if he opens his mouth it is in danger of forfeiting the election. People are unlikely to vote for a Taoiseach that we have to keep in hiding in case he embarrasses us.

What a narrow escape the Finance Bill got, perish the thought of Fine Gael having to put together a Budget! Remember, they once fell on the question of taxing children's shoes!

Caitriona McClean
Lucan, Co Dublin

  • It is reported the people in Cork are likening Micheal Martin to Jack Lynch. Is this meant as a compliment?

Jack Lynch destroyed the Irish economy in the late 1970s. Then, as now, there was deep recession and mass emigration. Are the people of Cork warning us that another Fianna Fail economic disaster is waiting to happen?

Eoin Dillon
Mount Brown, Dublin 8

  • So Enda Kenny wants five-way debates. That way he won't have to speak for too long. Would that be so that no one will notice how inadequate his answers will be?

Michael Foley
Athy, Co Kildare.

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