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Nobody's buying FF's 'real plan' slogan


REMEMBER Fianna Fail's boastful election slogan back in 2002? "A lot done. More to do."

Little did we voters realise at the time that it meant Fianna Fail would eventually end up 'doing' a lot of people in this country, or that they wanted to be re-elected so they could 'do' even more of the people.

Now, Micheal Martin thinks our anger can be assuaged by a simple apology, and that his party's new election slogan, "Real Plan, Better Future", will persuade us to vote for them.

In other words, the message is: forget about our government's past plans and actions because now we have a real plan.

It's very much akin to the shipbuilders of the sinking Titanic suddenly appearing on the deck and announcing to the desperate passengers: "Cheer up! We've now come up with a real plan for an unsinkable ship."

A more accurate, truthful Fianna Fail slogan would have been: "A country ruined. Our youth unemployed and emigrating. Not much of a future."

Ivor Shorts
Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

I NOTICED today that Fine Gael's election banner is "Let's get Ireland working". It reminds me of their posters during the 'Lisbon 2' referendum: "Yes to Lisbon, yes to jobs."

I'd say there is about as much sincerity and reality in this election campaign as there was in 'Lisbon 2'.

Kevin McCormack
Farran, Co Cork

AS WE near despair listening to the same old drivel from party 'leaders', why can't we hear from the new voices that are running for election?

In Dublin South East we have independent candidates such as Dylan Haskins and Paul Sommerville, who come from very different backgrounds and bring fresh thinking to the political arena. But because they are independent, they get very little exposure. Please think about covering some of the fresh thinkers in your commentary.

Roger O'Leary
Sandymount, Dublin 4

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