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No vast anti-nuclear gallery

Sir -- In your issue of January 23, the editor, in a signed article, proposed a People's Charter 2011. It consisted of 13 points, of which No 13 was: 'We will open our minds to ideas such as nuclear energy and casinos. A closed mind on such issues is tolerable during a boom, but it is redundant as we enter the fourth year of domestic recession.'

The recently published Labour Manifesto contains this egregious statement: 'Labour will not establish any nuclear facility in the state. We will continue to oppose the Sellafield plant and other installations in the UK which pose a risk to our people.'

The statement is obvious nonsense. The first sentence means that any existing hospital or university radioisotope laboratories would be banned. The second sentence is equally ludicrous since, by cutting off the nose of UK nuclear facilities, we would be spiting our own faces by depriving ourselves of nuclear-generated electricity coming via the interconnector.

The statement has apparently been drafted without thought or proper study. It is merely playing to what the Labour party mistakenly believes is a vast anti-nuclear gallery -- which doesn't, in fact, exist.

David Sowby,

Dublin 18

Sunday Independent