Monday 22 January 2018

No such thing as society in Ireland

Just when will the sheer arrogance of our bankers end? To read Thursday's article about these bonuses coming two days after such a harsh Budget is one slap too many. I want to know just what our so-called public interest board members at AIB did or said in relation to this bonus payment for its staff? Or even our very own Finance Minister Brian Lenihan in protecting the interests of the taxpayer in the paying of these bonuses?

Diogenes in Greek mythology walked the land looking for an honest man. It is probably one of the most apt of images for our current State. It has become abundantly clear that this country should not look up to those in power or in positions of social responsibility or those who we see as leaders.

Morally, as a society, it is time to seriously look at Margaret Thatcher's famous "there is no such thing as society" saying and examine whether this is true in modern Ireland. Has the sheer moral fabric which holds our Republic together crumbled? This country will never see changes if we keep looking for change from on high, and what is needed is for individuals to live their lives in a way which shows responsibility for those around them.

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