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No such thing as 'positive sexism'

IN response to Robert Sullivan and A Leavy and their jibes to each other about sexism, to hire or not hire someone because of their sex is sexism. This logic also applies to hiring more women to sit in the Dail.

There is no such thing as positive sexism, there is just sexism. If you are a man who is going for the same seat in the Dail that a woman is and the woman only gets hired because she is a woman due to the Dail needing to "redress the imbalance of gender in the Dail", then the man should feel that he is the victim of sexism.

The best person should be hired for the job, irrespective of their sex. If a woman or man feels they have been discriminated because of the gender, then I will back either of them to the hilt -- but I will not accept that positive sexism is anything other than pandering to get votes.

Never forget Mary Coughlan's comments on "Einstein's theory of evolution" and never ever forget what Bertie Ahern did to this country. Gender doesn't equate to honesty and skill in the job, the person does.

I will vote for the most talented person, not for their gender. I hope you all will too.

Nigel Fennell
Churchtown, Co Dublin

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