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No role models

• Most people already knew that our planning laws in the past were overly influenced by politicians at local and national level. Why else would any person contact a local councillor or TD about planning matters?

The problem is, though, that little or no action will be taken against people named in the report who were corrupt or dishonest in their dealings.

I cannot understand why retrospective action can't be taken against these people, not just because they profited from dishonesty and lies, but also because they were in breach of the trust placed in them by the nation.

Surely one would question why these people should continue to receive pensions for dishonourable service. One thing is certain though, serious damage has been done to public trust and confidence across the board. As a former teacher of business subjects, I used many of our discredited bankers, politicians and entrepreneurs as examples of positive role models.

Shame on me for being so gullible and for misleading my former students.

Joe Harrison
Spanish Point, Co Clare

Irish Independent