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No real choice for voter at ballot box

THE decision by Brian Lenihan to postpone the bank bailout, with the approval of the ECB and European Commission, has shed interesting if perhaps unintended light on the EU view of Irish 'sovereignty'.

Mr Lenihan's rationale is that the current Government has no mandate to recapitalise the banks.

Normally one would think this implies the Irish voter has some say -- a veto even -- in the process.

But then comes the rub. When pressed, Mr Lenihan admitted whatever government next sits in the Dail it will have no choice but to implement the bailout.

So where does the Irish voter fit in all this? It seems as if the general election and the subsequent 31st Dail will be part of a rubber-stamping exercise for what the EU wants.

Nick Folley
Carrigaline, Co Cork

Irish Independent