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No 'lump sum' for cabin crew

After reading John Mulligan's article (Irish Independent, October 9), I felt compelled to respond.

Mr Mulligan states that 715 cabin crew were awarded lump-sum payments of between €30,000 and €140,000 to leave their jobs and return on lesser terms. This is completely untrue. No cabin crew member received a lump sum payment to return on a lesser contract. The 'leave and return' redundancy scheme was not available to cabin crew.

Cabin crew have always contributed to the success and well-being of Aer Lingus. To have this contribution devalued by the reporting of "lump sum" payments is frankly insulting.

Cabin crew face unfair work practice changes which far exceed any agreement or arbitration set out by the Labour Relations Commission (LRC). They do so without receiving a "lump sum".

IMPACT cabin crew have stated on numerous occasions that they will abide by the LRC arbitration report of Kieran Mulvey. We will, however, not accept any attempt by Aer Lingus to rewrite Mr Mulvey's report or force through changes which far exceed that which was agreed.

Francis Glancy
Senior Cabin Crew, Aer Lingus

Irish Independent