Sunday 19 November 2017

No 'good priest' can evade blame

I find I am hearing the "well, what about all the good priests" argument more and more, even from members of the non-believer community (Letters, April 12).

It is often followed by a list of all the good, charitable, philanthropic acts that are carried out by the so-called "good ones", feeding the hungry, helping the poor, and so on.

I feel I must remind people that this same altruism is offered by Hamas and Hezbollah. They offer their help to anyone who may need it (the destitute, downtrodden, helpless) in the hope that the now fed, clothed, or healed person will be sympathetic to their cause, just as the religious missionaries do. But in the case of Hamas or Hezbollah it is viewed as fundamentalist loons trying to build the ranks, not divinely inspired charity work.

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