Wednesday 11 December 2019

No consensus on climate change

I thank Graham Cooke (Letters, February 27) for his response to my letter saying that nobody, out of tens of thousands asked, could name more than one scientist, worldwide, not funded by government who supports the alleged "scientific consensus" over catastrophic warming.

I note that, despite arm-waving about journals, he makes no attempt to provide a second name, which is pretty conclusive.

His point – that the widely unreported Oregon Petition, in which more than 31,000 scientists said that this scare was false, “means nothing” because there are millions of scientists worldwide – seems overstated.

It is, after all, the single largest expression of scientists’ opinions, far larger than any such supporting the alleged “consensus”.

Of course, the vast majority of scientists have never said anything publicly on the subject, which is precisely my point.

The claim of consensus has always been a PR artifice rather than a scientific reality.

Neil Craig

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