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No brainer

l The threat by local authorities to withhold student grants unless there was proof of the €100 household charge paid by the householder made no sense at all.

If the student had to drop out of college because they did not receive a grant, the student under 21 would then get €100 a week on the dole, €5,000-plus a year; the student over 21 would get about €200 a week on the dole, €10,000-plus a year and other entitlements.

These smart students would then end up maybe long-term unemployed. These are students who are contributing to the smart economy to bring business to our shores, these students are Ireland's investment for our country's future, so where was the logic in this threat?

It seems local authorities were cutting off their nose to spite their face.

Kathleen Ryan
Tallaght, Dublin

Irish Independent