Thursday 19 April 2018

Nice try, Ireland

Sir -- Normally I find Declan Lynch's articles both hilarious and brilliant, but his article on Germany was off the mark and as uninformed as it was xenophobic. Firstly, what exactly constitutes "aggressive" behaviour by Germany: refusing to bail out fiscally irresponsible and regulatory lax regimes on the exact terms and conditions that these regimes desire? Really, be more honest and just call for a return to war reparations (recently expired), though Ireland would have to jump through hoops to qualify.

Declan states that he finds it "astonishing. . . at no point has a voice been raised to suggest that. . . Greece was destroyed by the same Germans, or at least by their fathers. Maybe that entitles them to a few long lunches?"

He is uninformed here: throughout early 2010 there was a media war over historical wrongs between Greece and Germany, with the swastika displayed on leading Greek publications; in fact Greece's deputy prime minister publicly stated that Germany looted its gold reserves during the Second World War without subsequent recompense (whether this looting was responsible for Greece's present dilemma, he didn't elaborate).

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