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Next they'll tax air we breathe

I SEE that Comhar, the sustainable development council, has advocated a carbon tax that would cost each household an average of €246 per year. It also believes that this carbon tax could lead to economic growth and increasing competitiveness.

Is this group living in the real world? At a time of uncertainty for so many people in this country, it is suggesting that more taxes will improve our economy.

Let's take their argument a step further, shall we?

Why not tax the air that we breathe? Perhaps some people will stop breathing, and we all know the savings that can be made from that.

It seems to me that every day, someone or other is looking for another way to enable the Government to dig its greedy hands deeper into my pockets.

I am employed in the PAYE system and my pockets are the same depth now as they were 30 years ago. The only difference now is there always appears to be two hands in my pockets and only one is mine.



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