Thursday 23 November 2017

New low in TV standards

Sir -- While watching I'm a Celebrity. . . Get Me out of Here, I was transported back to that other programme called You Are What You Eat with that oh-so-irritating Gillian McKeith, and I had just switched on my TV when the participants were standing with Tupperware boxes in front of them. Assuming they had all cooked something and were waiting to show us, I nearly got sick when I realised what was in each box! How can people degrade themselves in this manner? Have they no dignity whatsoever?

And as for McKeith, all I can say is that if taking her advice meant that one could end up looking even remotely like her, I'd steer well clear. Nutritionist or not, she looks awful and what a horrible manner she has.

Another degrading programme is How Clean Is Your House? with Kim and Aggie. This should be called 'How Filthy is Your House' because they are all just that. Once again I ask the question: How can people allow TV camera crews into their hovels, which, to my mind, are beyond belief? Do they go to the rubbish dumps and bring back heaps of garbage and scatter it in every room, and plant a few dead rats for effect? I'm not sure. The most amusing part of this programmes is when Kim is showing, let's say a couple of gormless middle-aged people, what soap and water is for -- "You see my dears," she says, "You just fill a basin with warm soapy water, get a cloth and wash down the surface like this."

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