Tuesday 16 January 2018

New Irish Water plan has made an awful situation even worse

Is planned water-charge system fair?
Is planned water-charge system fair?
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

I read the news that a committee of wise men and women has come up with a plan for Irish Water. I have to say I'm impressed with their report - I had not expected them to come up with an even more ludicrous and complex mess than we have now, and yet that's exactly what they appear to have done.

If I understand it correctly, Irish Water will remain in place. Instead of invoicing households for their use, it will invoice the State for all water used in the country. The State can then work out how to pay for the water. And with the Government's track record in contract negotiations (West link, Shannon tunnel, off-shore oil and gas), I have no doubt it will agree a deal with Irish Water.

Irish Water will have to tell the State how much water households use so the State can then decide whether that is 'beyond normal use' or not.

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