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New appointment system needed

I AM writing in response to your article (Jan 19), 'Varadkar admits he was wrong on board cronyism.'

I did not admit that I was wrong as I did not say that all of 90 appointments made over the Christmas period were friends or political party supporters in the first place.

Many of them are.

Many others come from the usual pool of social partnership insiders such as trade union officials, business organisation officials, civil servants and officials working for an NGO. Moreover, the analysis of the 90 appointments to which your reporters refer, was given to them by me.

The Fine Gael party wants a new system of public appointments in which positions are advertised, nominees are given a letter of appointment and all major appointments are scrutinised by an Oireachtas Committee.

It's part of our New Politics plan.

Leo Varadkar TD

Leinster House, Dublin 2