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Naughty list

I have just been speaking to Santa, who is not at all impressed with those sitting on the government benches.

While checking his list, he noted the following:

- Numerous broken promises.

- Withdrawing SNAs in September.

- Frightening people coming up to the Budget.

- Cutting fuel allowances.

- Charging people for public beds in hospitals.

- Taking €100 from families while giving advisers an extra €35,000.

- Throwing the McGrath Bill to help mortgage arrears families out of the cot, while embracing the inadequate pro-bank Keane Report.

- Counting carers' allowance as an income.

- Targeting disabled for cuts.

- Increasing VAT ahead of plan and when economy needs boost.

- Cutting capital programmes instead of introducing labour intensive programmes.

- Putting property tax on the menu for Christmas.

- Not taking advice of those with experience.

- Badly drafted Inquiries Bill and money wasted on a referendum.

- Trying to pass a new European Treaty off as a vote for staying in the euro.

- Tinkering with the HSE and passing it off as a step towards universal health insurance, which will force families to pay more for insurance they can't afford.

- Planning to pay billions to Anglo in 2012.

- Spending a huge amount of time and energy getting their own way on Cardiff and failing to do the same for the nation.

- Washing their hands of upward-only rentals for SMEs.

The huge majority in the Dail are on notice to pull up their socks and start revealing a more compassionate spirit.

Caitriona McClean
Lucan, Co Dublin

Irish Independent