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Nation has to unite and face problems

As we enter the first weeks of 2011, it's about time we reviewed the situation that we as a nation are facing.

Of course, it's fair to say that we are in a mess, broke, perhaps even the laughing stock of Europe; the nation that fell with a crash. But unless we unite and face our problems together, we are going nowhere.

Over the past two years we have been busy searching for who is to blame for this mess. And rightly so! Why should we fall over and accept whatever is being thrown at us?

But as we enter 2011 -- a crucial year for our country's survival -- isn't it time we stopped playing the blame game and started working together?

It's not just up to the Government to get us out of this mess. Fine Gael and Labour certainly aren't going to bring about any great change soon. It's up to us, the people of this great country, to take a stand for the nation that we have worked our entire lives to build.

We need to work a little harder, push a little more and have the drive to be successful and competitive again.

As they say, a snowflake alone has no effect on anything. But when the snowflakes combine and work together, well just cast your mind back to December 2010 and you can see their effect.

Conor O'Brien
Tullamore, Co Offaly

Irish Independent