Tuesday 24 October 2017

Nation brought to heel

Sir -- There are a few good things which follow on from the demise of the beloved Celtic Tiger (CT).

For example, I began to feel very inferior when in the course of conversation a cub might say: "What are you driving now, Rob?" When I'd tell the make the next question always was: "Nice -- what year?" As soon as I'd say, I could see the mental arithmetic kicking in and when they'd figure out it must be old enough to carry an NCT sticker, the conversation often ended abruptly, and I could be left standing there choking in the fumes of a new 4x4.

Another positive is the trip to the restaurant. We can feel comfortable now in asking the waiter what "jus" is. I once made the unforgivable mistake of inquiring whether it was a typo on the menu and the 't' had been left out and if it meant "just gravy?"

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