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Nation bedevilled by self-interest

Sir -- Eamon Keane's excellent commentary on the 'nod and wink' culture in Irish life deserves comment. He refers to Sheldon Kopp's situational ethics to correctly identify the pervasive attitude of self-interest that so bedevils this country. If we were to further examine his phenomenon from a psychodynamic perspective, we would see Ireland as a surly, immature, insecure and self-serving teenager rather than a mature, responsible adult.

The lack of accountability at all levels is merely a reflection of our society as a whole; a post-colonial hangover that reflects our inability to decide and determine what kind of society we want to live in and suggests a nation ill at ease with itself and unable to grow up. The old corrosive attitudes of getting one over on the State continue to exist.

The parish-pump rules in our political culture, and it seems that as a people this is how we want it.

Declan Fitzpatrick,

Skerries, Co Dublin

Sunday Independent