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Naive Mr Myers' is the final straw

I enjoy Kevin Myers' writings because they offer one a quaintly archaic view of the world. However, his latest piece ('Of course we must send aid to Haiti, even though we know most of it will be wasted', Irish Independent, January 19) was the last straw for me and I would respectfully suggest that Mr Myers re-examine both his self-indulgent beliefs and sloppy research.

Aside from his claim that aiding needy people in non-western countries is a pointless exercise, his latest column told us of Israel's goodness (his own words) with respect to the Haitian relief effort. Meanwhile, the nasty Arabs/Muslims/Wahhabists (he seems unable to settle on a single descriptive term for them) from Kuwait and so on did nothing. For good measure, he reminded the reader of (another familiar rant for him) how Africa is such a hopeless hellhole.

The naive Mr Myers appears unable to grasp that Israel performs high profile aid deliveries precisely to diminish the shocking images caused by their lack of "goodness" when dealing with the residents of the occupied territories.

I would also like to assure Mr Myers that Kuwait has already pledged $1m (€700,000) of aid to Haiti (ref 1). And, shock, horror, even that hub of the axis of evil, Iran, has supplied 30 tonnes of aid (ref 2).

Moving on to the unwashed masses of Africa. For brevity's sake, from north to south, Morocco is supplying two plane-loads of aid (ref 3) while South Africa already has a rescue team of 40 people in Haiti with heavy equipment and a medical team of 20 on the way (ref 4).

I see the Irish Government (with enormous fanfare) is planning to send three people over to Haiti.

Mr Myers obviously likes the warmth provided by that very thick blanket of western ignorance and self-assigned superiority. I think it's time he crawls out and blinks in the sunlight.


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Ian Matheson

Irish Independent