Friday 6 December 2019

Myth of Ireland's oppressive past

I WISH to support Kevin Myers regarding the nationalist myth of oppression prior to 1922 (Irish Independent, July 28).

A nationalist revolution will not lead to an open society but to the tyranny of compulsory conformity. Cultural pluralism, women's rights and human development all suffered post 1922.

Nationalism uses empty rhetoric to justify a fantasy rather than critical reasoning to analyse a problem leading to corrective action. Hate leads to tragedy for the bearer and the victim.

Padraig Pearse said: "Irish hate of the English is a holy passion."

Sectarian hate was the cause of the mass murder in Norway. I have written a verse on hate as follows: 'Let's go fight hate on land and sea, Go bury hate, before hate buries thee, As hate dies and universal love grows, Righteousness like the Ganges flows.'

Stephen Fallon
Barrington St, Limerick

Irish Independent

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