Friday 13 December 2019

Myopia and Israel

• Disregarding for a moment my sheer weariness with the fact that Kevin Myers seems to suffer from a dialectic incapacity that prevents him from making an argument without demonising large swathes of the general population -- or, perhaps, a rhetorical compulsion to throw everyone vaguely out of line with his point of view into a blender and then proceed to refer to the subsequent slush as "the left" -- is there not some serious flaw in any line of thought that attacks people for boycotting Israel while not attacking other Middle Eastern countries, rather than calling for them to boycott Israel as well as the other Middle Eastern countries that abuse their own people?

While I acknowledge that, as a whole, Israel has a better human rights record than most of its neighbours, is it not also deserving of condemnation for those abuses that it does commit?

It seems to me that Mr Myers's legendary ability to generalise all liberals and left-wingers must be in play here if he is suggesting that because, on the whole, Israel is not as bad as Jordan, we should stop condemning Israel and instead focus all our anger on Jordan.

Certainly Jordan is a country with far more human rights abuses to answer for than Israel but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be putting pressure on Israel to stop those abuses it does commit.

Rather, as the only significant bastion of civil liberty in the Middle East, surely we should be holding Israel to the highest standards?

Dean Buckley
Cahir, Co Tipperary

Irish Independent

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