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Myers a voice of sanity on Catholic Church

At last, a voice of sanity. May I thank Kevin Myers for his timely and balanced article (July 22) on Enda Kenny's rabid speech in the Dail about the Cloyne Report.

His vitriol-laden address has been hailed and cheered by the anti-Catholic brigade and the liberal lefties that sit beside him in Government, whose agenda includes the undermining and discrediting of the Catholic Church and who will seize on any strand, no matter how tenuous, to try and portray it as being corrupt and ruled by protectors of child abusers.

Pope Benedict has railed consistently against abusive priests and, under his watch, hundreds have been dismissed from the priesthood or removed from their ministry.

As for the nonsensical calls for the breaking of the seal of the confessional, well, the less said about that madness the better.

Our Taoiseach and his Government would do well to address the appalling atrocities that have been allowed to happen to children and families because of the failings of the HSE and other state agencies. Will we have enquiries into the deaths of more than 200 children in the care of the HSE in the past 10 years?

Yes, abusive priests must be exposed and the full weight of the law brought down on them and, yes, the Catholic Church has had too much power and sway in the running of the country, but, overall, its effect on our society has been for the good.

Peter Killeen
Castlebar, Co Mayo

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