Thursday 21 November 2019

My investment wasn't bad enough for refund

I have made a rather large investment, which unfortunately has not worked out, and I have been facing a significant loss. However, all is not lost. I was glad to read that the Government, as part of an EU scheme, is refunding to the largest investors all their investment, plus all of the profit they were hoping for.

What a great scheme! So determined are they to ensure that we investors don't get hit with a loss, they will tax the people of Ireland as much as it takes, and even take money from those on social welfare in order to make good the investors.

I couldn't believe it! I'm so glad that I'm a large investor, and not just someone who has lost their job or needs disability benefit, because the Government has obviously no interest in supporting that lot.

I hope I qualify, as having my investment refunded would secure dozens of jobs. The only problem is that I've been hearing that only those who have made really bad investments, in companies operating in an unsustainable business, where there is no prospect of jobs being saved or created, are able to qualify for the refund. I fear my investment may not have been bad enough.

Karl Dowling
Dublin 13

Irish Independent

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