Monday 23 April 2018

My advice is don’t sell the goat yet

JUDGING by newspaper articles dealing with the latest lame-brained prognostications from those who failed, totally, to foresee the bust, some would now appear to be sneaking back on stage, totally unabashed, to feed us yet another dose of their airy-fairy fatuousness.

From the Bankers Book of Boom and Bust, chapter one, verse one: “Yea – let ye beware – for the prophets of boom, having risen from the ashes of their idiocy, have crawled forth from their bunkers to come amongst us once more that they may seduce the innocent and (financially) ignorant with their false doctrines.”

The next thing we will be told, again, is that the fundamentals are sound, as endless newspaper articles would seem to confirm on a daily basis.

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