Sunday 8 December 2019

Murdoch hearing

@AbiePB Best line from D Cameron: "Before us, the only way to know if a politician had met Rupert Murdoch was to wait for Alastair Campbell's diaries"

@TwelveTens Adopt the Rupert Murdoch approach to work today by just banging the table and claiming you have no idea how anything works.


The Murdoch Defence: "I am one of the most powerful, ruthless people in the world... but really I am an innocent, barely-aware toddler."

@newsbiscuit Rupert Murdoch 'has no recollection' of shaving foam attack

@colmtobin Imagine the fun we'd have if they put Seanie and Fingers on public trial? It'd be a hoot. Worth the billions in barristers' fees I'd say.

@LorcanRK There would be a mini-Pie Boom that would take decades to clear up...

@owensdamien Great. Now we won't be able to take pies on airplanes.

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