Thursday 22 February 2018

Mr Myers's head is stuck in trough

IF Kevin Myers could pull his head out of the steaming trough of right-wing victimology for a moment, he might learn some "startling" facts about the case of US General John Sheehan (Irish Independent, March 23).

It is not disputed that Gen Sheehan, in a hearing on allowing gay men and women to serve openly in the US military (I say openly, for they already serve) raised the spectre of Srebrenica and claimed that the Dutch command had admitted to him that gay soldiers were part of the problem. The Dutch commander, whom the general claims as his contact, has vociferously denied saying any such thing. The real reasons for the Dutch inaction at Srebrenica have been exhaustively investigated: gay soldiers were certainly not the issue.

While Mr Myers brandishes the term "witch-hunt" from the ivory tower of his newspaper column, gay and lesbian soldiers in the US military live in constant fear of real witch-hunts that have ruined almost 12,000 careers, lives and families -- witch-hunts that have no care for dedication, medals, or sacrifice.

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