Wednesday 18 September 2019

Mr Myers wants the final solution

Most people know that Kevin Myers has an agenda to be controversial.

It's how he earns his living. However, his recent article suggesting that 'Africa is giving nothing to anyone -- but AIDS' crosses far below the line of what most people would consider basic human decency. A new low even for him.

Not all Africans are "Kalashnikov-toting, khat-chewing, girl-circumcising, permanently tumescent layabouts".

To suggest so is as racist and simplistic, as it is to say all Muslims are members of al-Qa'ida or that everyone in Ireland in the 1970s and 80s was a member of the IRA.

What about African world leaders such as Kofi Annan, Nelson Mandela and Archbisop Tutu -- have these people contributed nothing to the world? What about Africans such as Haile Gabriel Selassie and Tirunesh and Ejegayehu Dibaba -- world champions?

Should these people be wiped out because they are from Africa and we should therefore presume that they have nothing to give to the world but AIDS?

Kevin Myers is proposing a version of Nazi Germany's The Final Solution.

Is he seriously suggesting that Ireland implement a version of this plan whereby we refuse all help to Africa, leave people to die from preventable diseases and thereby finally solve the 'Africa question in Europe'?

I don't think so and neither should anyone with an ounce of human decency or compassion.



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