Wednesday 21 March 2018

Mr Myers needs to check his facts

May I begin by mentioning that it is very difficult for a Polish diplomat to understand sensitive approaches that the Irish people have towards their national history. Therefore, with genuine interest, I read the article by Kevin Myers titled 'Irish who served in the Second World War deserve respect -- with or without a poppy' (Irish Independent, November 10, 2010).

Unfortunately, my feelings of curiosity quickly switched to confusion. As I began to read the lines focusing on Poland, it came to my realisation, that these facts were based on fictional data that misinterpret the history. I noted with disappointment some offensive insinuations that appeared in the article repeatedly.

I realise that the author gives his personal opinion, but when touching such a sensitive topic as the history of another European country, it is important to have justifiable research for the statements that are being made.

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