Monday 23 October 2017

Mr Myers is victim of Francoist propaganda

KEVIN Myers, in his piece 'Seve's dignity and joy rewrote world's image of Spanish people', (Irish Independent, May 10), seems to implicitly link the International Brigades which fought on the republican side in the Spanish Civil War with the communist forces who allegedly slaughtered thousands of priests and raped and butchered nuns.

He has quite clearly fallen victim to Francoist propaganda, which sought to portray all those fighting on the side of the legal, democratically elected government as faithless, anti-Catholic murderers, at the same time sanctifying the military coup as a holy crusade.

While atrocities were certainly committed by some on the republican side (only a portion of whom were communists), such repression arose as a spontaneous reaction to the military coup, and was not sanctioned by the republican government. Once the latter had managed to re-establish control over its zones, the repression was mostly contained.

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