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Mr Myers has valid point about Islam

Kevin Myers's article on Muslim immigration makes a number of very pertinent points with regard to why the admission of large numbers of immigrants from the Muslim world is not compatible with the values of a modern western democracy and is a threat to our culture and way of life.

He must be one of the few journalists left in Ireland or the UK with the courage to address this issue, which most Irish politicians simply pretend does not exist.

I would be interested to hear Mr Myers's take on the fact that an information stand extolling the wonders of Islam can often be seen in and around O'Connell Street in our capital city.

It is ironic that these people can use the very freedoms that do not exist in their own countries to attempt to convert people in this country to their religion, a religion that tolerates no rivals.

J O'Brien
Phibsboro, Dublin 7

Irish Independent