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Mr Friday grows old disgracefully

Sir -- One does not have to be a Catholic to be outraged at the studied insult to all Catholics, thrown at them by the spectacle of musician and singer Gavin Friday ( 'The Singing Flame: Gavin Friday and his fight for Irish freedom', Sunday Independent, April 24) posing as the corpse of Michael Collins, upon the blurb of his CD, with a crucifix strategically positioned upon his chest beneath the baleful folds of the Tricolor, respectfully wrapped round the supposed dead body.

What is it with these middle-aged rockers and their frustrated muses who are so hell-bent upon their own claim to a place inside the jewel in the crown of fame -- not to mention the lovely lolly that goes with it -- that they seek to glorify a violent Fenian murderer such as Collins, representing him in the classical mode, as that of an iconic hero of the motherland.

Will these so-called artists even bat an eye the next time neo-Provo fascist butchers have a good day at the office and kill someone?

Pierce Martin,

Celbridge, Co Kildare

Sunday Independent