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Mr Cowen's public service

Sir -- Brendan O'Connor's article (1000 days BC ended in the rough, January 16) was nothing short of a disgrace. That the Sunday Independent would choose to print this drivel masquerading as journalism beggars belief. That it should appear on your front page is even more astonishing.

While one may disagree fundamentally with the decisions made by the Fianna Fail-led government, and previous governments of which Mr Cowen was part, there can be no excuse for the language and tone of this article and the outrageous personal remarks.

One can say many things about Mr Cowen, but one cannot deny that he has given great commitment and public service to this country over many years, and, in recent times, has had to face an unprecedented perfect economic storm that has undoubtedly exacted a heavy personal toll.

Such remarks as were made about Mr Cowen in the article were an affront to the dignity of the office of An Taoiseach and consequently to every citizen of our country. Respect for each other, civility and common manners are values we need to see more in our society and your paper should be at the vanguard in extolling such virtues, rather than advancing the very opposite.

An apology to Mr Cowen is very much overdue.

Pat Delaney,

Roscrea, Co Tipperary

Sunday Independent