Saturday 14 December 2019

Movie hero. . . Fair play. . . Sign off. . . Wise words

- THE life of Brian (O'Driscoll that is) must soon be made into a movie. Please consider my suggestion that Leonardo Di Caprio play the lead in what would surely be a success. They really do look alike.

I am 81 but I would be proud to carry the water bottles. At no charge.

Louis Mullen

Dundalk, co louth

- I TUNED in to watch Sunday Sport expecting to see decent highlights of the day's football and hurling matches. Instead, the viewers were treated to five-minute pieces of the Cork v Kilkenny match and the Kerry v Galway match. No other matches. Five minutes is too small to get a real feel of what went on.

Seeing as the Premier League soccer highlights show is 90 minutes long, I feel RTE should improve and lengthen Sunday Sport and give National Leagues the respect they deserve. Gaelic games are our biggest spectator sports.

Darragh Farrell

Daingean, Co Offaly

- AS one drives out of Dublin on the M4, just on the Dublin-Kildare border, there is a big sign that says 'To Galway 191km, to Sligo 191km'. Further on, a sign says 'To Galway 187km, To Sligo 187km'. But just before the toll, there is a sign that says 'To Galway 186km, To Sligo 178km'. So, Sligo has lost 8km!

Seamus Bonner

Dublin 9

- HURRAH for the chairman of NAMA! Despite the country being broke he has somehow convinced the Government to give him a 70pc raise.

His talent is sorely needed in the real world of the private sector. Perhaps he could give some seminars showing others how to achieve this?

Joseph Bergin

Naas, Co Kildare

- A FEW words that Cardinal Brady may ponder: 'An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded.' Pope John Paul II.

Tony White

Dublin 12

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