Sunday 22 April 2018

Motorist abused wheelchair user

Sir -- Recently on a Dublin city street, I witnessed an incident that both shocked and thoroughly disgusted me. A disabled man was crossing a side street at a T-junction when a car was trying to turn from the main road. The man was in a wheelchair and was clearly struggling to get across the road. The woman driver who was delayed by the poor man decided to blow her horn continuously at him, until he had safely crossed.

Other pedestrians, like myself, looked on, and I could see people visibly scowling at the driver while she beeped at the man. I also heard some bystanders being quite vocal, and it is safe to say their comments and mumblings were less than complimentary; use your imagination.

The woman looked extremely agitated and I could understand her frustration if there were numerous pedestrians crossing the road, ignoring her intention to turn on to the road, but this man was severely disabled, and finding it strenuous enough to cross without her ignorant interference.

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