Monday 20 January 2020

Modern learning

•I read with admiration the letter entitled 'Go figure' by Dr Alan Rogers (Letters, November 26).

My family of eight were at primary school during the '60s. They studied the subjects as they were taught in those days in schools and always had homework. There was always a healthy interest in learning; they enjoyed their time at school. There were no gadgets to help them learn. Only recently I was reading through their maths, English and history books -- they are a joy to read, and it's a joy to see the dedication they and their teachers put into their study during the school days of that era.

I only wish there would be some effort made by the Department of Education to make sure the basics of English, maths and other subjects, and by all means the extracurricular subjects, are maintained insofar as is possible. I agree with Dr Rogers and hope the present system of teaching will not do untold damage, especially to the English language.

Margaret Bergin
Address with editor

Irish Independent

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