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Misconceptions on Dev persist

ALAN Rickman, who played the character of Eamon De Valera in Neil Jordan's film 'Michael Collins', appeared on 'The Late Late Show' recently.

The theatre critic Peter Crawley has described Rickman as "famous for finding the seductive qualities in villainy and the tortured conscience behind moral corrosion".

Ryan Tubridy asked him about his portrayal of De Valera in 'Michael Collins'.

In my forthcoming biography of De Valera, I argue that the greatest damage done to his reputation, for younger people, was the manner in which he was portrayed in that film. The unhistorical inference that De Valera was directly involved in the death of Collins was truly unwholesome. Unfortunately, many people believe what they see in the movies, especially putative biographical treatments.

In reply to Tubridy's question, Rickman reported that shortly after rehearsals began, director Neil Jordan enquired, "Do you hate him yet?"

Anthony Jordan
Dublin 4

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