Wednesday 21 March 2018

Minister never did his job properly

So, Mr Ahern announces he is stepping down -- well, not before time. Irish politics has seen very few more condescending. He says he never entered politics for the money. I suggest he leaves the huge lump sum and pension after him. It's the least he could do given that he was a senior minister in a government that has made Ireland a third world country.

It has come to light that a finger-printing machine that cost €20m is lying idle because a section within An Garda Siochana under his control is refusing to operate it unless it gets more money and the Garda Press Office states that "negotiations" are ongoing. Dermot, there should be no negotiations here as to negotiate is no more than if countries negotiate with Somali pirates, the principle is the same -- pay up. Do your job. Give them one week or fire the lot, union or no union.

Two people in Anglo Irish Bank are flatly refusing to supply the code to key accounts and if that is so why are you not doing your job? Have them in court for obstructing justice and leave them in Mountjoy until they talk.

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