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Minister missing a green opportunity

Regarding your report on electric cars on the Aran Islands (Irish Independent, January 15) where it is hoped that they will be powered by wind generated electricity. A very interesting and commendable scheme.

These cars were delivered to Galway docks by my company using a diesel-powered truck. Had this event taken place two years ago that truck would have been powered by Irish-grown and produced rape seed oil.

Today, thanks to Energy Minister Eamon Ryan's abandoning of the previous scheme introduced by his predecessor Noel Dempsey, they run on conventional diesel imported by sea.

When Mr Ryan abandoned Mr Dempsey's scheme, he promised to introduce something better. He hasn't.

Whilst I commend this scheme for the Aran Islands, I continue to wonder why a Green minister ignores the opportunity to reduce Ireland's carbon footprint, increase employment, increase agricultural output whilst reducing agricultural pollution and increase our national fuel security through encouraging the use of a home-produced biofuel for trucks.

Jerry Kiersey
Green Tiger Ltd, Newcastle, Co Dublin

Irish Independent