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Friday 17 January 2020

Minimum wage is ruining country

The elephant in the national room at present is the national minimum wage (NMW) and nobody wants to talk about it, especially the unions. Why do we still have the next-to-highest NMW in the developed world?

Has anyone noticed that we are broke and will be for years to come, with an unemployment rate of more than 12pc and rising?

The ostrich unions have their heads in the sand and ignore it all. Time to ignore the unions, then.

Are we so politically correct that reducing this national cost base is off the agenda, when fast, corrective action is required? Put simply, €8.65 per hour is too high and needs to be reduced by at least 25pc urgently.

Employers can no longer sustain this expensive floor of labour cost and this is borne out every day in the unemployment statistics.

The only way to get out of our recession is to attract employers to begin hiring workers again with competitive labour costs.

Brian Cooper
Old Youghal road, Cork

Irish Independent

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