Friday 23 February 2018

'Ming' should do the decent thing

Madam – Co Roscommon has given us some very famous people. One was Douglas Hyde, our first Irish President of the Free State; another was Percy French, the great scholar and song-writer, just to mention two.

How things have changed when one looks at what the electorate of Roscommon presented us with in the form of 'Ming' Flanagan. This man is either an attention-seeker or he is a complete gombeen. Personally I am inclined to run with the latter.

There should be some mechanism in the Dail so that deputies who bring the house into disrepute can be punished with instant dismissal. If Mr Flanagan had one shred of decency or respect for himself, his family or the people of Roscommon who elected him, he should do the honourable thing and fall on his own sword... but no, not a chance! He feels that all his misdeeds are not a retiring matter. Why do we always have to be the laughing stock of Europe?

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