Tuesday 24 April 2018

Michael Collins is not my hero

Sir -- To encourage anyone to venerate Michael Collins as a national hero ('A man who can make us all believe', Brendan O'Connor, Sunday Independent, September 26, 2010), is to request of them that they abjure their obligation to historical objective truth, intellectual honesty, and respect regarding the just war theory as laid out by Thomas Aquinas.

Had Collins been fighting a great evil, then the encomium heaped upon him by O'Connor and Michael McDowell would be justified. However, Michael Collins patently wasn't.

As intelligence officer of the IRA in mid-summer of 1919 -- with the terror and murder campaign against the Royal Irish Constabulary getting into full swing -- Collins formed the Squad in order to escalate republican-engendered anarchy, by assassinating detectives and specified government officials.

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