Wednesday 13 November 2019

Merkel's might

• In answer to Diarmuid O'Flynn's argument that we should take on Angela Merkel (Letters, September 6), he forgets that the troika's arrival in Ireland was akin to a stern parent admonishing an unruly child. Putting hubris aside, it's patently obvious that Ireland is incapable of running its own affairs.

Its people have had the wool pulled over their eyes and see all the country's problems as compartmentalised, as if they were all just separate incidents that a bit of sticky tape could put right.

Instead, we need to see the whole picture.

Imagine that in 2050, Ireland, after years of near poverty, finally manages to crawl out of its economic plight.

Would Irish politics be any different to what it is now? Would Ireland be a country that could learn from its mistakes and move on to some Garden of Eden?

And would pigs fly?

Victor Feldman
Ringsend, Dublin 4

Irish Independent

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