Saturday 18 January 2020

Men only

• Every year I watch the media get excited about golf in Georgia, and then I am reminded that women cannot be members of the Augusta National Golf Club.

It would be easy to judge the men of Georgia, and indeed the players, but we must look closer to home and similar Irish clubs.

As a woman, I always imagine the men in men-only clubs to be either hiding out from household duties, avoiding the financial pain of a separation or divorce, or sharing their cache of pornography, all with their knuckles close to the ground.

This is not the case.

They walk among us and the women of Ireland should do more than sound our periodic objections, we should refuse to do business with them or their organisations.

For the moment, there is at least one place in Ireland where Rick Santorum would feel comfortable.

SE Lydon
Wilton, Cork

Irish Independent

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